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Do You Skip Meals for weight control or loss?

The latest research talks about Intermittent Fasting which is an eating pattern in which no or few calories are consumed for time periods ranging from 12 hours to several days on a recurring basis.  Basically, two types have been studied, time restricted feeding and alternate day modified fasting which both have shown promise in helping overweight folks show improvement in body composition. Some initial reports have suggested that alternate days of fasting can improve glucose regulation and reduce the need for insulin and other medications for people with Type 2 Diabetes. Of course, this was medically supervised. The flip side of calorie restriction is the loss of lean body tissue (muscle) which slows down the metabolic rate predisposing individuals to weight gain and following this diet can be difficult in the long-term. In my experience counseling people who have used medically supervised weight loss programs, which are not only calorie restricted but also restricted in food choices, it is a “no-brainer” to just have meals that  offers the dieter no choice other than what flavor shake they drink and nutrition bars for controlled snacks. The hard part is trying to get them to eat a less restrictive diet using real food as they can be afraid of gaining weight. As a Dietitian we are trained to individualize meal plans and ensure the client/patient are meeting nutrient needs while keeping in mind their goals. If a client insists on a certain diet then teaching the client/patient how to “tweak” it to ensure the diet is nutritionally sound.